Week 26 – Your masterpiece will simply take a bit of time..

Let’s take the above statement less literally, shall we?! If you are trying to reach the best version of yourself possible, the first truth you must face is the fact that you will never achieve perfection! For anybody with high expectations, this is hard to accept and the fear of making mistakes remains one of your worst nightmares. Since nobody is perfect, you have to understand that you will make decisions that you will regret and that, in hindsight, could have been avoided. They are part of your journey and if you have the ability to:

1- Acknowledge a better path could have been taken;

2- Learn from the experience;

3- Accept that you can’t change the past;

4- and most importantly, FORGIVE yourself;

Then you are one step closer to becoming your very own Masterpiece!

Speaking of masterpieces, this week’s challenge was more on the creative side and I have a wonderful colleague to thank for organizing this! If you are like me and have an appreciation for crafty and artistic activities this is something perfect for you!

Week #26 Challenge: Paint your own item at The Mud Oven!

The Mud Oven is a little shop at 1065 Bank street in Ottawa where you can create you very own work of art! The idea being that you paint a ceramic item of your choice.

How it works:

Step 1 – Select a ceramic piece: They have a large selection of items from plates, bowls, mugs, ornaments, boxes, etc. and the prices vary based on the item but include all you need to complete the project, aside from taxes.

Step 2 – Follow paint instructions: Your are given instructions on how the paint works and what is available for use: paint colours, paint types, stencils, etc.

Step 3 – Release your imagination:  Make use of your creative side or the Internet for inspiration! How you choose to decorate your item is entirely up to you. 

Step 4 – Start designing: Use a pencil to identify the layout you want to follow. Depending on the project, you may want to paint your background before you start drawing the details.. In my case, since I was writing I think it would have helped as painting over my quote smudged the pencil design.

Step 5 – On your mark, ready, set, paint..

Important note: once you are done painting you must leave your creations there for several days, in our case 7 days, to be glazed and “fired”! You can rush your order for a small fee (5$ or 10$ depending on the item size) but even that will require a minimum of 3 days!

I haven’t been able to capture the final product yet but this is what I ended up painting:

What is it? Lol I am not sure! I want to say it’s an oversized coaster! I love my Disney quotes and so I was inspired to create something that represents me and that I could use to set a candle or a mug on 😀

Also, don’t be concerned about the colours of my design! They look really faint on the picture but that’s because they are dry! Once it will be glazed and baked the brightness of the colours will shine through!! I can’t wait to see the final result and hope you guys give this fun activity a try…