Week 55 – Submerged in Nordik water!

Oh baby, it’s getting cold outside and the need to stay warm is imminent. Not to worry, I have an activity for you that will do just that and so much more. I was granted a very luxurious opportunity which I turned into a solo escape, such a daredevil at times I know 😌 But in all honesty, it gave me a different appreciation for this beautiful facility and made it clear that you gain something entirely different from visiting alone, with a friend, a group or a partner!

Week # 55 challenge: Spend an evening at the Nordik Spa-Nature!

Full-disclosure: the majority of my experience was offered at no cost by Nordik Spa Nature.

If you haven’t yet been, you should know that Nordik Spa-Nature in Chelsey, QC is a one of a kind indoor and ourdoor spa in the Ottawa/Gatineau region. It offers an escape from our stressful daily lives and is luckily just a short drive away. It offers all kinds of luxurious services, one of which I was introduced to during this visit named the Källa treatment but I am getting ahead of myself…


With all that Nordik Spa has to offer, it’s worth exploring the website to plan what you want to incorporate during your stay. Also, consulting the site map is a great idea since there is so much to try.

My self-established itinerary included:

 5:30pm: Arrive, change and begin with a Källa treatment

6:30pm: Begin my thermal cycle experience

8:00pm: Dine at one of the four Spa restaurants

( Restö, Mëzz | Café, Lounge Panorama, Biërgarden)

8:45pm: Take a last dip in a hot tub of choice

Keep in mind that Nordik offers many more amenities including health and wellness retreats, yogaovernight accommodations, massages and body treatments.

I booked my stay at the Nordik Spa-Nature, early evening on Friday, so I headed there directly after work! I had packed everything ahead of my visit:

  • Extra Towel (one is provided on site, along with a wristband lock) √
  • Bikini √
  • Flip Flops √
  • Bath robe (You can rent one for 12$ – they are so soft) √
  • Plastic (not glass) water bottle (can be refilled on site) √

During the visit

I arrived, changed and was ready in no time to begin. I wanted to respect the no phone policy and so I had to be strategic when capturing a few pictures.

A quick little shot before accessing the outdoor site!


Källa Treatment

First, I tried the Källa Treatment; a salt-water floating experience. This treatment can be added to your bath pass at a discounted rate and will compliment your thermal experience or can be purchased as a standalone 60 minute treatment.

Being in the pool felt surreal, it was a really unique feeling being able to float! I hung on to the side of the pool to avoid accidentaly drifting and making contact with someone but as you get more comfortable just let go! Whatever you do, avoid contact with your eyes.

Thermal Cycle Experience 

This spa is renowned for it’s thermal cycle experience where you expose your body to warmth, then cold followed by rest!

Step # 1 –  Sauna (15 min.): There are a total of 7 saunas/2 steam baths to choose from, three of which I describe below.

First Cycle: I  started in the Banyä sauna, it was dry, warm and incredibly humid. Although I am not a big fan of humid heat, the temperature (between 95 °C to 100 °C) in this room was heavenly. You may find breathing in the humid/warm air a bit difficult, just take deep breaths and that should help! Not to be too graphic but I was shockingly soaked after 15 minutes and actually ready to take on the cold bath..

Second Cycle: I tried a sauna infused of essential oils called Aromi. A change of light in that sauna is accompanied by a new natural aroma. The heat was much milder (between 60 °C and 65 °C) and found it more comfortable.

Third cycle: On my last turn, I opted to try the Tuli Sauna. This sauna has a beautiful fireplace and is a bit warmer then the Aromi sauna (between 85 °C and 95 °C)! It’s a silent sauna but, as luck would have it, in came a group of social butterflies celebrating a friend’s birthday. We were the only ones occupying the sauna so we may or may not have chatted a bit!

Step # 2 – Cold bath ( 20 to 30 seconds): After each sauna, I slipped on my bathrobe and flip flops and walked over to one of the 4 cold baths!

First cycle: I made my way to the Tempër bath (it’s the least cold bath at 21°C)! I was so warm after the Banyä Sauna that I managed to immerse my entire body. Give this step a chance and listen to your body. You may be surprised to see that you get accustomed to the cold rather quickly.

Second cycle: I skipped this step and that’s ok, you get to customize your very own thermal cycle as you see fit.

Third cycle: I tried the Kylmä bath, a glass above ground bath which is slightly colder at 15°C. I dipped my toe to determine just how cold it was – dip toe- “Woah… that’s cold alright”! I managed to put both my feet in for a 15 seconds and well that was it for me.

Step #3 – Rest (15 min.): This is the best step in my opinion. Over the course of the night, I tried all three relaxation areas.

First cycle: I made my way to the Borëa area, a whisper zone. I opted for the Kaskad hot tub since it was a perfect contrast to the Tempër cold bath.

Second cycle: Panorama area, a social zone, was my second rest stop! An ideal stop to socialize and have a drink. I went into the Näkymä, a large infinity pool, which gave me a perfect view of the stars ✨!

Third cycle: On my last cycle I visited the Kaskad area, which is the quietest space, to rest. It’s great for reading and taking in the scenery. I just sat in front of a fire there before heading to the Panorama Lounge to eat.


After all this, I was ready for dinner. I chose the Lounge Panorama with it’s darker more cozy atmosphere. I ordered a Sweet Potato Burrito and the waitress had no problem slightly altering the item, no onions for me!

It was delicious and filling, I only finished half of my plate.

It was so relaxed that I opted to head home after my meal, but the facility was still active with music and lights. It was a perfect end to a long week!

New and Upcoming Attractions

Banyä Treatment – Starting November 7th, 2017

Yoga Sessions – Available on weekends

Health and Wellness Retreats – Various dates

Rates and Packages

They offer services for all price ranges and found the costs for the services, restaurants and boutique items all very fair. Massages are administered by registered massage therapists (RMTs) on site; therefore, if you require a massage for medical reasons this is by far the best place to go!

If you are ready to live a soothing spa experience or want to offer it as a Holiday gift by purchasing a gift certificate, make sure to have a look at Nordik Spa-Nature’s current rates and packages. You can book here right now!

A special thank you to Marianne for coordinating this special Nordik Spa-Nature evening visit! It was a truly memorable experience and looking forward to many more visits!

Isabelle xo


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