Week 53 – Finding Ottawa’s Hidden treasure!!

If you are curious, competitive and game for something different, I have a perfect opportunity for you to bring out your sleuthing skills. Maybe this comes as a result of spending far too much time playing Nancy Drew games on my laptop in the last week (it’s what I do best when I am sick), but I was compelled to explore and discover hidden treasures in our city!

The National Capital Region, in honor of Canada’s 150th birthday, has done an amazing job at advertising and exposing local residents and tourists to activities and events never seen before! It’s really created an incredible opportunity for us to experience new things but what I was looking for this week required further digging…

Week # 53 Challenge: Join Ottawa’s Treasure Hunt!

This map was made for me as a joke a while ago!

Believe it or not, there is an opportunity next summer, in 2018, for you and up to 3 other friends to compete against other teams in solving challenges and following a map that will lead to an actual Treasure in Ottawa – “Yes, yes and yes, I am so in!!” 

Adventure Hunt is a US company that coordinates these races in various cities throughout the world, including Ottawa. By signing up and downloading the necessary app, you will be able to participate in a unique adventure meant to challenge you….. and let’s just say finding a treasure at the end isn’t a bad incentive either!

When is the Treasure Hunt in Ottawa?

August 4th of 2018, start time is 9am (exact date may change)!

What is the cost of the Hunt?

$59 US a person, however they have a current promotion for $25 US for early birds! By using promotion code “isabelle” you get an additional 20% off your order!

Which means right now the cost is $20 US per person, sign-up here!

What do you need to Hunt?

  • comfortable attire such as running shoes and light clothing;
  • a smart phone with the iOS or Android app;
  • a vehicle to move around the city;
  • your team of 2, 3 or 4 members;
  • water and snacks.

Of course, I haven’t completed this race myself yet but I fully intend on participating during the summer of 2018! Another cool option would be to consider completing a hunt in another city since they host them in Montreal, Calgary, Buffalo (NY) and Seattle (WA) just to name a few.

In summer of 2018, let’s go searching for that treasure!


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