Week 48 – A bit of “organic” royal treatment!

Do you miss the sunshine? The warm weather? The ability to walk out the house with flip flops? Yup, me too!! Winter is great, and has lots of advantages but sometimes you just want a little break and this week’s activity hit the spot! This may not appeal to you boys off the bat but if you are curious keep reading since the services apply to you too!

Week # 48: Get a pedicure at Daya Spa!

My SpaRitual Nail Colour – Cream Symmetry
Why did I bother getting a pedicure in the middle of winter? Well why not?! We can easily neglect our feet, especially during the off season (aka winter months) and so getting a treatment to make them look and feel good is always a great plan!

How to choose a nail treatment location? Ottawa has tons of affordable nail salons but most of these are not exactly the ideal setting. Many nail salons smell of strong chemicals and don’t appear to have the most sanitary environment nor tools. I have tried those express salons in the past with no issue but I can’t help but think I am taking unnecessary risks. This time I wanted to go the more natural route and looked for a Spa that offered organic treatments, which lead me to…

Daya Spa: It’s a wellness centre that offers high quality organic and natural spa services and products. Which includes:

– Skin care (éminence, Elapsa and Juice beauty)

– Hands and Feet (SpaRitual and Allpresan)

– Makeup (Juice Beauty)

I chose the Slow Beauty Pedicure which included a foot soak, a foot grooming with a sugar scrub massage treatment, followed by a leg and foot massage and nail polish application. I chose the SpaRitual polish in the Cream Symmetry colour.

I was excited to get this treatment done and I found it really relaxing. Camille was the esthetician who offered my treatment and she was fantastic! I felt really comfortable with her and we ended up chatting quite a bit!

Cost: The prices are very comparable to any spa but you end up getting much better value due to the organic nature of the services. The Slow Beauty Pedicure was $62.35 (plus taxes and tip), if you wish to have a quicker and slightly less expensive option you can opt for their express pedicure.

Time and Location: the spa is open every day, except Mondays, and is located in the ottawa market: 200 Dalhousie Street! For more details, follow this link.

By visiting the Daya Spa, you can feel good knowing that you are offering yourself the healthiest and best quality service, and that is afterall what you deserve!


Week 47 – A stroll in the snow!

Yay to snow!! It’s so pretty to look at, it’s chilly which makes us want to cuddle, it allows you to make Maple Syrup Snow Taffy and it’s one of the main ingredients necessary to enjoy most winter activities! In Ottawa we are blessed with plenty of snow in the winter and so we might as well enjoy it, right?!

It was a cold Saturday but my friend and I weren’t going to let a little thing like freezing weather stop us… We were going to be our though Canadian selves and head to the Gatineau park to walk along a few trails, but of course it wasn’t your typical type of walking.

Week # 47 Challenge: Go snowshoeing in Gatineau park!


Do you need your own snowshoes? No not at all! If you own a pair you are set but, if not, you can rent snowshoes at the Gatineau Park Visitor Centre for 9$ per hour.

How do I gain park access? In order to snowshoe, whether you have your own pair or are renting a pair, there is a park access fee of 7.50$ for the day! You can also purchase a season pass if you go frequently. Not sure how closely they monitor the park access, I must admit!

What to wear? Hmm.. well I am no expert but I suggest layers, lots and lots of layers. A tank top, with a long sleeve top, with a hoodie and maybe a second hoodie… You get the idea! Of course, you don’t want to overheat either! A warm coat, snow pants (I didn’t wear mine and my legs felt incredibly frozen), hat, mittens, scarf and comfortable walking boots. I know men are equipped “with internal heaters” which is why you may not need quite so much on!

Gatineau park has lots of trails, but since we parked near the Gatineau Park Visitor Centre we walked to a nearby bridge and took a path from there. Walking with snowshoes was not difficult but felt different, I was tempted to elevate my legs a bit more than normal with every step. It was beautiful and peaceful and a great way to catch up with a friend!

Post Snowshoeing: After an hour we were both a little cold, well ok I was reallllyyy cold, and we brought back the rental shoes. The best way to end an activity like that is with a warm drink so we headed to the Equator Organic Coffee Shop in Westboro for hot drinks and lunch! It was fairly busy, lots of University students in fact. It’s worth a visit, the best part is that the roastery is based in Almonte. High five to supporting local businesses!

Week 46 – Playing hard to beat!

It’s almost been a full year of blogging and I have important news to share therefore keep reading!

When it comes to life, we all get a bit discouraged sometimes. Even though you may try your best, the result you want or anticipate isn’t always the outcome. In those instances you may start to look at the world in a negative light, almost as though life is working against you! It’s so tempting to fall in this trap of negative thoughts.. but I am here to tell you to pay attention to the positives. I am a pretty upbeat person myself, I try to appreciate the little things! But once in a while I get those days where I feel DOOMED (not dramatic right?!).. heck I think we all do. Well, I am here to remind you to keep your head high and push yourself to focus on what you accomplish/ have rather than what you wish you had! Appreciating the present moment is so important and can actually be hard during certain life phases. But I know you can do this!

Which brings me to the first news: my one year blogging anniversary is coming up and I have made an executive decision! On the one year mark, towards the end of February, I will….

… Stop blogging on a weekly basis.

Why? As much as I love it, I want to spend more time living, less time documenting. I still plan on trying new activities of course and so I will simply write from time to time. In the meantime, it’s back to business!

Wether you are competitive or not, there is something to be said about trying your best to succeed or to offer a good performance in whatever situation life throws at you! In certain contexts, I like to put on a poker face and pretend I am fully confident in my abilities by challenging someone else! I even find this attitude, even though it’s more playful than anything, can improve your performance! To clarify, I am not encouraging you to go up to someone and say you are better than them but more that it could be fun to tease a little and tell your opponent that they have something to worry about!

Week #46 Challenge: Rekindle with an old sport!

You see, this week I got a few opportunities to show off “my skills”(I can’t think of a way to make this sound less suggestive), one of which took place on a court! This one on one action session was a great reminder of how fun it can be to attempt to beat someone else at something.. anything!

First off, this will be hard to believe but I practised playing basketball! That’s right, this girl played a sport. I hadn’t played since High School but I was really interested in learning again.. and turns out we have a gymnasium at Movati! Who knew?! It was such a blast and even though I did indeed lose, my performance actually wasn’t that bad! Granted I went easy on my opponent 😛

Second news, I am hosting another Giveaway, yay!!! 

Prize: 2 x 1 Day Adult Passes to go tubing at Edelweiss!

I realise snow tubing isn’t a sport but it is one of the most entertaining and laugh enducing winter activities, in my opinion. There is nothing quite like sliding down a snow hill, while you spin on a donut shaped tube and try to hold on to your friends/partners hand! Sigh.. such great memories. I want to offer you and someone else the chance to go tubing at Edelweiss for FREE!! You can create your own memories!

How can I win?  Simply let me know in the comments below, on Facebook or on twitter what new activity you want to try this year. Skydiving maybe?!

Draw will be held on February 3rd, 2017 – Good luck!!

Week 45 – I really shouldn’t have but I did!!

When another year ends, you get to reflect back on what the last year has brought you! The great memories and the not so great ones too.. Even though you may not have reached all your goals or aren’t exactly where you hoped you would be by the end of the year, one thing you can control is how to end it!! To ensure my year ends on a good note, I did something I never thought I would do…

Week #45 Challenge: Eat dessert for breakfast, at Cocoa 70!

Tough challenge I know, but someone had to do it and I sacrificed myself for the purpose of this blog! My little cousin, suggested we go together since she said the dark chocolate fondue is really good and a perfect size to share! So I picked her up on the morning of December 31st and we headed to the Byward Market!

Cocoa 70 is not a chocolate shop, it’s more of a chocolate restaurant! Their menu includes chocolate covered crêpes, cheesecake, waffles, sweet pizzas, fondue and basically anything chocolate covered your heart could desire! Good news is these treats are actually really affordable, considering the portions! They offer brunches with more traditional breakfast options too, in case you aren’t ready to tackle on chocolate in the morning!

Location please? in Ottawa we are lucky since we have two locations, the Byward Market and in Landsdowne!

We reached Cocoa 70 shortly after 10am and it was surprisingly quiet! We were expecting a large crowd so we were relieved. Once seated, we ordered the dark chocolate fondue, but I was curious to know what the chocolate percentage was! The waiter, who I suspect was the manager, explained it was 60% but he told us to wait a second since he wanted us to try something! He came back with samples of the darkest chocolate and lightest milk chocolate they sell. This way we could see the contrast… I had never done that before and my cousin and I actually preferred the dark!

Next thing you know our plate arrived.. The chocolate fondue comes with a bowl filled with melted chocolate, 4 assorted fruit bowls (bananas, strawberries, pineapple, etc.), waffle bites (hidden behind the melted chocolate sadly) and brownie bites!

It was so good and actually very filling. We didn’t want to waste a bite so we took our time and managed to eat the entire thing, although we still had chocolate left! Those waffles though.. I could have eaten them all without adding the chocolate even!

I may have ended my year on a sweet note, but there is nothing wrong with you starting off your New Year doing the same! It’s also a perfect date night spot therefor make sure to stop by next time you get a chocolate craving!!

Week 44 – When your heart skips a beat!

Do you ever wake up and reality hits you, instantly? It’s as though a part of your life is missing and you aren’t exactly sure how to cope! Typically, this feeling is brought on by the loss of someone who had an impact on you, and now you need to fill that void, alone! Accepting the loss is important but to keep your sanity, a good idea is to take the time to do something that can improve your mood! Maybe it’s spending time with your friends or singing in the shower or maybe even playing with your Xbox for hours! Once you identify those “happiness triggers” make sure to resort to them when you need them!

On Christmas Day, I really needed a fix to keep my spirits up and so I decided I would do something that would clear my mind and help me feel good, which meant: a new cardio routine! You may be thinking, “Seriously? You get joy from that?!” Umm.. well yes absolutely, because exercise is great to keep your heart pumping, keeps you energized and can motivate you to get out of bed!

Week #44 Challenge: Follow a HIIT Cardio video at home!

One thing I love about working out at home is the fact that you can follow videos! P90X and Insanity were my favourite for years! They are pretty intense but they yield great results! Since I wanted to try something new, I opted for a YouTube HIIT video! You just play the video and start mimicking the trainer!

Here is the YouTube Video I followed:

How to make your workout fun? Well now that you picked your video (videos if you are following shorter segments), here are a few things that can enhance it:

1) Create an amazing song playlist: you only have to watch the workout video to replicate the movements, therefore that leaves you with the possibility of muting the workout video to play your own tunes! These are music tracks that are sure to get you “in the zone”:

Warm-up and/or Cool-down beats:

2) Spruce up your hydration: water is so important while working out! Grab your favourite bottle and throw in a few fruit pieces to liven it up: lemon, frozen berries, melons and kiwi are great additions. Frozen grapes make awesome ice cubes!!

3) Bring sexy back: I am serious! I feel most motivated and inclined to workout hard when I put a little effort in my workout look! This will vary based on what you feel looks good on you! So girls: pin your hair up, slip on your favourite workout outfit and pull out your hottest moves! As for you guys, maybe your favourite jogging pants and a ball cap will do the trick, Channing Tatum style you know 😉

Most importantly have fun guys! This is time and effort you are putting into your body and mind and that is a wonderful thing to do!