Week 33 – Back to “Nutrition” School?!

Guys, we have a serious puzzle to solve! On Thanksgiving Day, I came back home with Turkey shaped sugar cookies, how cute is that right? I gave them all away but one. The cookie in question was in a ziplock bag on my island counter when I left that morning, I came home and the cookie was on the floor and cracked in two. Nothing too shocking there, I have a cat who tosses things around all the time. The mysterious thing is that the turkey cookie’s head was gone! I am not kidding, someone casually entered my house, noticed the cookie and figured it wouldn’t matter if, you know, they just ate the turkey cookie’s head! If you have any suspects in mind please let me know, I would like to crack this case..

In line with the above mystery, the challenge for week #33 must remain secret for my experience isn’t quite complete yet! I will be sharing the fun details with you soon!
Stay tuned!! xo


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