Week 35 – It’s a Red, Black and Pink game!

Do you love sports? Playing sports? Watching sports? Maybe both?! Personally, sports have never been my thing, unless we consider dance a sport of course! I may have very little talent or knowledge in that domain but luckily watching a game can be a blast regardless of how familiar you are with the sport itself. Which brings me to this week’s activity:

Week #35 Challenge: Watch a live Redblacks Game!

In case you are new to town or have never heard of them, the Redblacks are Ottawa’s football team. The season begins in June and the Redblacks play at TD Place in Lansdowne every other week up until November.

Want tickets? The prices range from $36 to $131 for one game. You can of course buy season tickets as well, simply select this link for ticket options. Keep in my mind you can always look on kijiji for a good ticket deal.

Pre-event: Before attending the event with a few colleagues, one of them suggested we pick up a Redblacks toque or wait…. is it a tuque? We had a good laugh over which word to use! Anyhow.. most of us purchased one to support our team and to stay warm. Which leads me to saying how important it is to pack on the layers in the fall! The stadium is outdoors and since we live in Canada, it gets cold! Don’t be afraid to wear a long sleeve shirt, add a hoodie, top it with a coat and wrap yourself with a blanket! See where I am going? After a few hours I could not feel my toes and fingers.. So bring thick socks and mittens (I was wearing two pairs of mittens).

To park or not to park? Since the game brings in over 20000 spectators you may want to consider using a shuttle to get there! Shuttles leave from across all different ends of the city and bring you to the TD Place very efficiently, see the travel planer for more information! If you prefer driving, parking is available underground at Lansdowne at a cost or free parking is available on certain side streets but I believe there is a 3 hour limit.

Game Time

I met a colleague and her daughters and we took the shuttle to TD Place around 6pm. It only took about 30 minutes. The shuttle was busy and so was Landsdowne but that’s the fun part, a good game requires a large crowd. It so happens that on October 21st, the teams were raising awareness and funds towards Breast Cancer Research which means you could see light pink everywhere. As I arrived I purchased a pair of pink mittens to support the cause and they turned out to be really handy (no pun intended lol)!!

Thirsty or hungry? Before the game is a great time to purchase snacks and drinks and I noticed most people had a beer in hand. I treated myself to a warm coffee.. There is such a large number of food vendors that lines were quite short which made it easy to go back if you wanted more munchies!

We made our way to our seats, mingled and next thing you know the game started.

The players, cheerleaders, mascot (Big Joe) and entertainers had an amazing energy! It was raining and it was pretty darn cold and yet they managed to keep the crowd engaged! Watching a football game live was much more exciting than I envisioned and being surrounded by hilarious and kind people certainly made it even better! Our team ended up losing but that’s ok, we always have the next game! Goooo.. Redblacks!!!!

That reminds me, does anybody know if Big Joe is taken?


Week 34 – Masks down, this is a war zone people!

Breathe! Just breathe! I told myself…Oh god there is the signal, I can’t stay here! Up? Yes I should run up! Follow that guy, ahh never mind just DUUUCK! Ok, this looks like a good spot but where are they? I can’t see the dreaded yellow team! Ah ha, I see one… I better shoot first: Pow!!

Any idea what we were up to? This week’s activity is perfect for those who enjoy an adrenaline rush! You get to play with a gun and feel like you are part of a war-like video game! Are you in?

Week #34 challenge: play paintball at Commando Paintball Plus!

I imagine most of you are familiar with this game! Two teams go up against each other by shooting paintballs at one another on a designated field. This goes on until every last member of the opposite team is shot!

How can I play? Well, ideally you should gather a group of ten players or more and make a reservation. On weekends and statutory holidays, there are no minimums but there is a possibility you may not get to play if you don’t reserve! Commando Paintball is located in the east end, for directions click here!

What is included? For 50$ you get to play from 10am to around 3pm on three separate game courses. This admission cost includes:

– a paintball gun;

– compressed air;

– a protective face mask;

– coveralls;

– a belt to store additional paint balls;

– 300 paint balls;

– 2 slices of pizza and a pop! (Not everyone got two pieces though, so bring snacks)

At admission, for 16$ you can purchase an additional 200 paintballs! I really recommend you do since it costs 22$ for 200 paintballs if you purchase more later on!

What should I bring? To be on the cautious side I suggest you bring water, a small towel, a few snacks, your wallet and a camera if you want to film or take pictures! In terms of clothing, wear loose clothing like sweat pants and a hoodie. A hat and gloves are useful too! These layers are not to stay warm, you will sweat, but rather to protect yourself.

On D-day

Our group met a bit before 10 am at Commando Paintball, we signed a waiver and the instructor guided us to the main desk to pay and pick up our equipment! You may not look glamorous with all the layers on but this isn’t about looks, it’s about survival!

I didn’t really know what I was getting into and the more I spoke to the group, the more I got nervous! One said it doesn’t really hurt, the other said the paint tastes a little sweet, therefore not to worry if it gets in your mouth! All lies…

Before you start playing you are taught basic safety protocol: wear your mask at all times on the field, don’t shoot at close range and put the barrel bag over your gun when you enter any safe zone! Simple enough! Soon the group was divided in team red (my team) and team yellow (our rivals)! We were sent at opposite ends of the playing field, given the signal and then you start shooting your opponents and try avoiding getting shot!

Me and two other red team players trying to shoot our opponents

What did I think of this game? It was really fun and challenging! Paintball guns are hard to aim with but you get the hang of them with a bit of practise. The excitement of trying to eliminate someone mixed with the fear of getting hit was a pretty good thrill!

Most importantly do paintballs hurt? Technically it shouldn’t! I didn’t get shot for the first two games but in the third, I got shot twice a few seconds apart! First came the surprise factor but then the sharp sting and pain..OMG ouch, seriously what is up with this pain?! If you think tattoos hurt, then you may not like this at all! I am not sure if it was the distance or the angle but those first shots left me with large, pretty swollen and colourful bruises on my legs! Any welts you may get from playing become your battle scars, or so I was told. Most shots don’t hurt so don’t let the potential pain deter you! It’s just a hit or miss, get it? Ha ha..

Playing paintball was a really great experience and if you have an adventurous or competitive side, you will love Commando Paintball! Just grab a group of friends, family or colleagues even and once you start playing show no mercy!! Oh but don’t shoot your teammates, I may or may not have accidentally done that!! Sorry guys..

Lastly, a huge thank you to two amazing friends who covered my paintball admission cost in honour of my 21st birthday, ok ok 29th birthday! Still not sure how to thank you enough xox

Week 33 – Back to “Nutrition” School?!

Guys, we have a serious puzzle to solve! On Thanksgiving Day, I came back home with Turkey shaped sugar cookies, how cute is that right? I gave them all away but one. The cookie in question was in a ziplock bag on my island counter when I left that morning, I came home and the cookie was on the floor and cracked in two. Nothing too shocking there, I have a cat who tosses things around all the time. The mysterious thing is that the turkey cookie’s head was gone! I am not kidding, someone casually entered my house, noticed the cookie and figured it wouldn’t matter if, you know, they just ate the turkey cookie’s head! If you have any suspects in mind please let me know, I would like to crack this case..

In line with the above mystery, the challenge for week #33 must remain secret for my experience isn’t quite complete yet! I will be sharing the fun details with you soon!
Stay tuned!! xo

Week 32 – When you fall under a spell..

I don’t typically open up about my dating life, but this week my new activity was directly linked to dating. Hope you enjoy trying to put the puzzle pieces together to figure out how everything unraveled… Before I get into that, let’s talk about: Apples. This fruit is often associated to temptation because it is portrayed as such in fairytales.. Since I am a huge fan of mystical tails, it’s not surprising that I sometimes lust over this fruit! Each fall, I go apple picking and bake something tasty but this year I chose to spice things up!

Week #32 Challenge: go on a baking date night!

First let me explain, aside from keeping active baking happens to be my #1 hobby.. I love it! If I want to relax, it’s the first activity I consider doing! Sometimes I bake with friends but typically I bake alone. To turn a baking night into a date is something I always wanted to try but for some reason never went through with it, that is until last week!

What lead to this date?

You never know how you will meet a potential partner, it could be at work, through a friend, at the pool, online, etc. The options are endless. In this case it all started a few months ago, Princess Belle (aka me) was lost and since Captain Hook (aka my date) was nearby he was the perfect person to ask for help! Yes I know, I have been watching far too many episodes of “Once Upon a Time”! Anyhow, back to the story. Hook gladly offered to assist Belle and they went on their way! They continued crossing each other’s path on occasion and since fairy tale characters are unpredictable they decided against all odds to date. Since I had freshly picked apples at home, I figured that including Captain Hook in a baking adventure would be a fun idea. I mean who wouldn’t want to bake with Captain Hook?!

Disclosure: I don’t think I would recommend this as a first date idea, especially if you met online, but baking or cooking with someone is a great way to see how you work together!

It turned out to be a really fun date since you are able to talk openly, share the workload, learn and laugh together and, at the end, you get to taste your amazing creation! Next time you are looking for a date idea, maybe you should make baking your focus…Worst case scenario, if you manage to destroy your creation you can just laugh about it over a store bought dessert, Metro sells pretty decent tasting pies ha ha..

Michelle Vodrazka Vegan Apple Crisp

For this amazing recipe: select here!

So did Belle agree to another date? Well I can’t say for sure but with baking skills like those, how could she not..