Week 22 – Cheating for all the right reasons..

Love is a wonderful thing! It’s hard to describe exactly how it feels when you are in love but it’s something the majority of humans, if not all humans, seek! Many factors will contribute to you falling in love but one thing I know is that when chocolate is involved, love is almost inevitable…

Where is she going with this, you ask? Well you see, for a few weeks now I have been realigning my lifestyle! I have been guided by an amazing nutritionist, shoutout to Michelle Vodrazka, and following a new workout and meal plan to reach my goals! In some ways, it represents a significant lifestyle change but it’s easy to embrace when you see results! Now, once a week I am granted a cheat meal and this week I certainly took advantage! Yes, I cheated and it was worth it… My self-control went down the drain and I indulged in a luscious treat until it was all gone! You just can’t fight this type of love!

Week # 22 Challenge: Try an ice cream treat at Chocolats Favoris!

Chocolats Favoris is a chocolate shop that recently opened in Orleans and appears to be a hot spot this summer! Everytime I drive by, countless people surround the shop’s entrance and terrace! I kept thinking: “One day I will try it!” and well that day happened to be last week.

Being a big sister, it seems only natural to want to share this type of treat with my little sister and her boyfriend. Once I had taken the orders, on my way to Chocolats Favoris I went! As I arrive, I see it: “Oh man, why is there such a long line!” It starts outside the building but I decide to wait it out. The line moved pretty quickly and next thing you know you are inside! There you see all the beautiful chocolate displays. They sell chocolate for all occasions: fondues, baking, gift sets, etc. Most people visit Chocolats Favoris for one signature treat however: a chocolate dipped ice cream cone!

Yes, you read that right! Your cone is literally dipped in liquid chocolate… That sentence may sound more erotic than I meant it to! lol Anyhow, it doesn’t stop there. You get to choose your ice cream flavour (ex: vanilla, orange, strawberry, etc.) and for dipping you get to choose from 12 different chocolate varieties:

– Milk chocolate, chocolate-1285928_1280

– Dark chocolate,

– Hazelnut praline,

– Maple vanilla,

– Salted caramel, etc.

Oh but wait that’s not all! You can get a topping as well. I believe they had chocolate pieces, cookie crumbs and a few more options. In terms of sizes, I took a baby size since I didn’t want to go too wild, while most people ordered a Small. They are pretty filling portions since the chocolate is very rich.

If you don’t plan on eating your ice cream cone on the spot, make sure to ask for it in a cup! As I was in line it dawned on me that I didn’t plan this well! How would I bring back ice cream cones? I asked for cups and they gave me a little tray but it was not very secure! I cautiously drove home as to not tip the ice cream over. It was a success, the ice cream made it home safely!

All three of us went hard at work to eat the ice cream and OMG! It was divine! I opted for vanilla ice cream with dark chocolate and could not resist eating the entire dessert. So creamy, so chocolateyyyy.. Next time you feel like cheating, this is the place I recommend!

Isabelle xo


8 thoughts on “Week 22 – Cheating for all the right reasons..

  1. Oh yes, I can understand what you are saying Nathalie! In terms of the ice cream quality and content at Chocolats Favoris, I can’t say for sure as I didn’t research the ingredients. It certainly has more of an “iced milk” type of ice cream taste, similar to Dairy Queen! They do sell gelato and real ice cream which aren’t dipped in chocolate! They may be more to your liking!

    If you are looking for a more natural ice cream option, here is an idea: http://www.pascalesicecream.com/

    I have never been there but based on their website the ice cream has no preservatives and is made fresh of natural ingredients. Hope this is useful!


  2. Nathalie

    Sorry..I do not like this place…i do not try only to eat right but eat good food especially if i am to cheat…their icecream does not melt…and that makes me wonder…i am looking for a smaller, home-made place…..enjoy your summer…

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  3. Dad

    Hey Is! Sounds like a really, really, really tough challenge this week! Hi hi! I’m not sure if I would call it “cheating” or just self-gratification and sensuous pleasure. 😉

    I didn’t know that Chocolat Favoris is so close to home. Do they serve a banana split???

    Dad xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes!! Very difficult situation. After all, someone had to make the sacrifice ha ha..

      It is very close and yes they do have a banana split! It was tempting. You would really enjoy it I think!


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