Week 19 – Such satisfying delight!

What amazing weather we had this week! It’s so tempting to spend every moment we can outside. I suspect most of you are still working but don’t let that get in your way of enjoying each and every day this Summer. As I mentioned in the Week 18 blog post, we should try our best to take our lunch breaks as often as possible. At a loss as to what to do? Here are a few ideas:

Picnic: pack your lunch and head to a park nearby;

Power walk: grab a colleague and go for a speedy 50 minute walk;

Group Activity: host a weekly lunch event for instance plan to play your favourite sport once a week (ex: last year I started a Frisbee Friday group: each Friday we met in the ball diamond and tossed a Frisbee, it’s a great way to get to know your colleagues);

Solo activity: sign-up to a local gym or fitness location (ex: I discovered a little Tennis Club near my work and purchased a pool membership – I now swim outside at lunch 2 or 3 times a week, it feels like a fieldtrip each time I go);

Play: on a rainy day, bring a board game and gather a group of colleagues to play with.

These little additions to your daily work routine can make a significant difference. They help motivate you and add an extra fun element to a typical work day! I highly recommend you try these if you haven’t already. In fact, do you have any additional lunch activities to recommend?

I initially set out to document my Canada Day Festivities but I must admit that I didn’t plan it very well. It ended up being mostly gym, family and friends time which was great of course! I did try to dress up for the occasion but realized I don’t really own red ANYTHING anymore…

The panic sets in: How to be patriotic without red? 

I start digging through my things:

Closet? Nothing!

Bedroom drawers? Yes maybe this ribbon could work … nope nevermind!

Washroom? Hmmm.. I spot it. It’s a very simple solution, maybe too simple? You know what, this will have to do! A classic red lipstick always comes in handy 😛

White shirt, red lips and sparkly eyes! Just a typical Canadian lady eh?


In terms of new activities, this one is a yearly one and it’s not a complete summer without it. I am talking about one of the simplest and most satisfying activities for people of all ages:

Week #19 challenge: Go strawberry picking at the Orleans Fruit Farm!

I contacted a dear friend of mine last minute and next thing I knew we were off strawberry hunting. I spent my morning trying to call various berry farms in Orleans to confirm that strawberry picking was in fact possible but to no avail since nobody answered. We arrive at the Proulx Berry Farm and ensure we are ready to set out on our berry adventure:

– Water= check!

– Sunscreen= check!

– Money= check!

– Phone and car keys= check & check!

We are ready to go! We make it to the little shop to find out that strawberry picking was not available. Very sad indeed. Plan B it is, off we go to the Olreans Fruit Farm. To our delight strawberry picking was possible and they had fields upon fields of fresh juicy berries!! Woohoo!

My friend displaying the fresh berries!

Parking was limited but with the constant flow of people it seemed to work very well. You pay by the basket and so you can choose from two basket sizes:

2 litre basket – 6$

4 litre basket – 11$

You can fill your basket as much a you want which is why everyone seemed to drop berries on their way out! My friend being the person that she is rescued a few berries abandoned by previous owners. I thought that was sweet ha ha..

It was so fun and now we have more strawberries than we can handle. Warm strawberry crumble with vanilla ice cream anyone?


3 thoughts on “Week 19 – Such satisfying delight!

  1. Dad

    Hey Is! Ta visite à la ferme pour cueillir des fraises me rappelle de bons souvenirs. Vous avez choisi une belle journée en plus.

    We have to go next year and bring Bennette along with us. She’s never picked berries….ever! And yes….I think that Jaxson would love it too! 🙂

    Dad xo


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