Week 14 – Don’t limit yourself to strong when you can go EPIC!

Do you feel your body is in top beach body shape? If you answered yes, I am thrilled for you. If you answered: maybe or flat out NO WAY you should listen to this:

Finding a physical training business that meets your needs is no easy task. We have so many options available from the low budget 24 hour gyms to the expensive customized training programs that it’s no wonder we get lost in the sea of options. Rest assured, I have a very good suggestion for you and it’s called: EPIC Fitness + Lifestyle.

Week #14 Challenge (May 23rd to May 28th): Try out a 1 hour EPIC Fitness training session!


How does this gym differentiate itself from others? Excellent question!  Unlike other gyms EPIC Fitness is a personal training studio that strives on increasing both physical and mental well-being. That principal in itself is quite unique as this facility has an element that very few other gyms possess: the human element!

First, let me explain! EPIC is actually an acronym which represents their 4 core business pillars :

  • Excellence: relating to you achieving the best YOU possible.
  • Performance: helping you exceed your standards.
  • Inspiration: will fuel your desire to transform your lifestyle.
  • Community: the belief that working together makes us stronger.

When I arrived at my session, I was greeted by my wonderful personal trainer Kelsey! He gave me a tour of the location! Is it big? Not exactly! Wait, but don’t be fooled the space is more then enough. Your trainer guides you through each move and machine you are using and adapts the intensity and type of exercise based on your needs. The session flew by and was really fun! Everyone is very professional and the atmosphere is both positive and comfortable.

In addition to the personal training, other services are available on site including consultations with a nutritionist, a physiotherapist and naturopath. Feel like being social? EPIC Fitness + Lifestyle organises group hikes, dance workshops, yoga classes, etc. This gym has something for everyone which explains why the clientele ranges from adult athletes, to teenagers and even seniors. Everyone can take advantage of this service.

Now down to specifics:


  • Functional Training: personal or small (2 to 3 individuals) to larger groups.
  • Holistic Nutrition: personal, grocery tours and pantry clearout.
  • Nature: hosts community hikes and events.
  • Self & Universal Care: including yoga, exciting workshops and meditation.
  • Products: sells top quality workout gear and supplements, it’s worth having a look!


1459 Ogilvie Road  – Ottawa, ON


When you think personal training you probably think it takes lots and lots of $$$, right? I have to say I was pleasantly surprised:

  • Training services: range from 50$ to 100$ an hour depending on the length and/or frequency of training you choose.

For the quality of service and support you receive it may just be the best investment you make towards reaching the strength and physical appearance you dream of!

Not sure yet? They offer new clients this promotion:

3 x 1 hour personal training session

+ 1 initial complimentary session

for 150$ + Hst.

To schedule your session or if you have any questions select this link : EPIC.

A special thank you to my personal trainer Kelsey and to the business owner Stephanie for the wonderful experience!

With all the training you will be getting it’s also reasonable to spoil yourself a little and you can do that by attending the DessertFest on June 11th and 12th. Visit last week’s post for a chance to win a free DessertFest ticket!


4 thoughts on “Week 14 – Don’t limit yourself to strong when you can go EPIC!

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  2. Dad

    Hey Is. Good promo for EPIC Fitness. Sounds both like both a fun and interesting place to get in shape, especially if you’ve eaten a lot of DessertFest yummies. I think that getting fit is a positive way of investing in yourself. Maybe your blog will motivate someone to join or, at the very least, to get active. That’s my penny’s worth. 🙂


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