Week 10 – Cook until you drop…

Please Note: This giveaway is sponsored by Michelle Vodrazka!

I am thrilled to announce my first blog giveaway EVER this week and one of you will be the winner. The prize and entry information can be found at the end of my post.

Choosing what and how to invest our time and money isn’t easy. Sometimes we focus on long term gain, other times on instant gratification. When it comes to our health it can be challenging to dedicate the necessary time and money to go from quick convenient processed food options to healthy nutritious homemade meals and snacks.  We can find all types of tips and tricks to successfully transition to this healthier lifestyle and one tool I have personally been using is a cookbook and not just any cookbook, I am talking about Michelle Vodrazka’s: Help Yourself to Seconds cookbook ( see previous blog post for information on how I met this author).

Here is the video I promised on my Live the Smart Way Expo experience:

Week #10 Challenge (April 25th to May 1st): cook a new recipe with a friend.

This week I made the commitment and decided I would fully invest both my time and money on my health. This is a long term investment and you know what? We are absolutely worth it. I sifted through the recipe book, made a list of key ingredients and set out to find them all. Quick note: Sobeys carried most of what I needed. A few hundred dollars later my fridge and pantry are fully stocked and I am ready to tackle on cooking. If you don’t love cooking, actually even if you do enjoy cooking, feel free to invite a friend to make the cooking process more fun and social.

My friend came over and we chatted while following one of Michelle’s cookbook recipes. We opted for a fresh quinoa salad entrée. The recipe was easy to follow and contained nothing but good ingredients such as vegetables, fresh herbs, olive oil, spices and quinoa. To add extra protein I cooked chicken breast pieces the night before and tossed it in the salad. Here is the final product:


The verdict: It was love at first bite!! I am not kidding. This recipe made enough salad to last for days and everyone who I asked to try it wanted the recipe.

In addition to the quinoa salad, I also made the double chocolate granola recipe and even without adding chocolate chips it felt like I was having dessert for breakfast. Who wouldn’t love that?!

Now here comes the fun part… Would you like a chance to win this book? Perhaps you want to make these recipes, or know of someone who would love this as a gift? After all, this could make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift. Just saying!

What can I win?

Your very own copy of the “Help Yourself to Seconds” cookbook written by an amazing author and nutritionist expert Michelle Vodrazka. This is more than just a cookbook. The 120 recipes included will help you fuel your body by cooking more healthful recipes that don’t compromise on flavour.

This giveaway is courtesy of Michelle herself, thank you so much!

How to enter? To win you must be a follower. If you are not yet, select the follow button and enter your e-mail address. You will only receive notifications when I add new blog content.

When does the draw end? You only have until Friday May 6th, 2016 at 9pm to enter. I will announce the winner on the morning of Saturday May 7th!
Good luck!! xo

5 thoughts on “Week 10 – Cook until you drop…

  1. fayefaline

    Another great website for healthy recipes is ohsheglows (google it)
    It’s vegan but you can always add meat, if you so fancy!


    1. prettymesmerizing

      My colleagues have been raving about that book, I must get my hands on a copy! Thank you so much for the recommendation.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. fayefaline

    That quinoa salad looks so good! I’m checking out that cookbook.
    I found those dairy free choc chips on sale at Market Organics so bought like, 6 packs haha.
    Good stuff.


    1. prettymesmerizing

      I love the Help Yourself to Seconds cookbook! It’s easy to follow, healthy and soooo delicious! I try a new recipe every week!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Dad

    Good book review Is and interesting challenge again this week. The proof of a good cooking book is in the tasting! Glad to hear that you find Michelle Vodrazka’s: Help Yourself to Seconds cookbook a winner. Did you and your friend enjoy wine or some othe drink while chatting?

    Looking forward to your next challenge! 😉


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