Week 8 – City girl or country girl, maybe both?

This week Spring is upon us in Ottawa! In honour of the shift in weather and seeing as how I work with a great group of people, a few of my colleagues decided to spend an evening wandering around the Elgin Street area for drinks and dinner.

Week #8 Challenge (April 11th to 17th) – Part 1: Fun Night on Elgin Street.

I am generally a planner which means I like to have a clear idea of what the schedule is. I bent the rules this time and I have to admit that I had no idea what I was in for. All I knew was that the night would involve drinks, food and a safe ride home. I didn’t have the intention to drink much but sometimes these things just, you know…happen?!

We started the night off at the The Manx Pub. Not quite sure why this location was selected initially, I just know that the person who chose this pub never showed up there which is ironic. It was a small underground place that had a relaxed vibe. With the help of the really nice waiter and one of my colleagues, my signature drink for the night was established. For the purpose of this blog I will call my drink: Grown-up Shirley T (yes I made this name up and yes I am referring to Shirley Temple). I really recommend it if you like a drink with a punch and a subtle taste:

  • 1 ounce of vodka;
  • club soda;
  • a hint of grenadine;
  • a minimum of one maraschino cherry.

We quickly moved from the Manx Pub, which was dark, to find a terrace because it was a beautiful Friday evening. Next stop was The Lieutenant’s Pump. It was not my first time there but I do like the tavern feel of the place. It was filled with people of all ages and the terrace was the place to be. We actually had to go on a waiting list to get to sit outside and although it was crowded and not very comfortable, the service was excellent and I absolutely recommend the pita and hummus appetizers, soooo good.

Not sure who is to blame but we somehow got to the tequila shots and well that lead to interesting conversations. It was getting late, almost 9pm I think and we all wanted to get a bite to eat. We really didn’t seem to know where to go and after walking around we found The Standard Tavern. A few good things to know about this location:

  • It’s a certified green business which is really impressive.
  • The crowd is young I must say, for the most part early twenties.
  • On Friday night, a DJ plays as of 10pm but no dance floor.
  • Six packs of shots are 23$ which I found pretty good.

We left shortly after dinner and got to bed feeling pretty exhausted, I may have to slow down on the shots next time.

Week #8 Challenge (April 11th to 17th) – Part 2: Visit the Proulx Farm during Maple Season.

The next morning, I was not feeling my best but I had an important date with my sister and nephew. We went to the Proulx Maple and Berry Farm to attend the Maple Syrup production tour. It was beautiful out and what a nice place. They have tons of great things for families: Maple product boutique, a restaurant, an animal farm, maple making tour and so on. My nephew was captivated by it all from the horse ride to the animals and most importantly the slide.

My sister tried it first with great success. She encouraged me to try it too. Ha ha well turns out I slide a little too well on that slide, as shown by the video. I left with dirty pants lol

Until next week xox