Week 6 – Bittersweet week!

Well, well, well… This week started off with a bang. I mean this quite literally too. I was sleeping peacefully when suddenly thunder struck and the impact shook my house! I was now awake and should have sensed this was a sign of worst to come. I just stayed there, in my bed, texting my sister (who is my neighbour) to see if she felt it too.. Clueless as to what was about to happen. What terrible event could take place on a such a rainy morning? Just wait and see!

First, let’s rewind to the previous evening’s conversation:

My sister: “Is, where is your car parked?”

Me: “In the driveway, it’s usual spot!”

My sister: “Aren’t you worried melting snow may fall on it agggaaaiin? Maybe you should move it!”

Me: “Ha ha…That’s true, I will move it later when I head back home!”

Now, fast forward to the morning! Crack, swoosh, silence and then POW!!! All I remember is thinking: “OMG! I did not move my car. Don’t tell me ice just fell on it.” I run to the window and voilà! There is my new car crushed by ice and the windshield is, to put it nicely, cracked in a million pieces! Fuuuddddggeeee…. OK, FINE! my choice of word might have been slightly different at the time. It will teach me not to follow my sister’s advice!


Anyhow, now that I got this off my chest let’s get to business. This week I was a little uncomfortnable driving around in my rental car, it’s tiny and feels like it may fall apart, which is why I kept my traveling to a minimal. I researched a few events but none of the times seemed to work and so I decided to take my chances and make my way to Landsdowne to attend the weekly Farmers Market!!

Week # 6 Challenge (March 28 to April 3): Visit Ottawa’s Farmers Market!

Since it’s early spring, all the merchants are still located in Aberdeen Square. At this event, you can find all types of organic and/or local food products and merchandise. It ranged from meat, fresh produce and freshly baked goods to artisan soaps, yarn and wood carvings. I love supporting local businesses and so I purchased a few treats.


Based on this picture, I imagine you can tell that I do love my carbs!! I have to admit I did not get all this for myself! I purchased the Maple Cotton Candy for my sister and the cheddar jalapeño bread for her boyfriend. I love surprising them with little things.. If you are like me, perhaps you could visit this market on an upcoming Sunday to buy something for someone you care for too!

That small jar contains maple sugar… I want to sprinkle this on everything! For movie enthusiasts, I think Buddy the elf would totally support this decision, right?


One thought on “Week 6 – Bittersweet week!

  1. Dad xo

    Never a dull moment in your life Is. Every day brings a new adventure. Maybe it’s time to put that garage to good use. Know what I mean? Hope your Fit comes back home soon! Bonne semaine!


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