Week 4 – Indulgence for the senses!

It’s official, the first month of my challenge is complete and this has been the most effective week so far. I got to try not one but two new activities. First off, I should mention that I work in an office which means I sit most of the day. This routine, in addition to daily workouts and a winter worth of shoveling, has led to a pretty tense back. What is a girl to do? That’s right, I am treating myself to a massage baby!

 Week #4 Challenge (March 14th to 20th) – Part 1 : Get a massage!


I considered Le Nordik spa located in Chelsey QC, however the appointment times available did not suit me and so I opted for a massage at an Orleans spa called: Ezcape Spa. To be honest, I am not sure how I feel about my experience. I opted for a full body massage and I recommend the 45 minute session if it is your first time. Even though most of your body gets exposed, I didn’t feel uncomfortable as the massage therapist was quite professional. The treatment was relaxing in a sense but it wasn’t soothing as the pressure was a bit hard to tolerate at times. I am very gentle myself and find my tolerance to pressure is minimal. I ended up getting bruises on my arm that resemble hickies.. Oh and get your mind out of the gutter, I can guarantee they are NOT hickies ha ha

Now for the best part, I discovered a jem. I conducted a bit of research in terms of local activities and found that a few live shows were taking place downtown Ottawa over the weekend. I listened to the soundtracks of each artist and found myself really intrigued with the artist by the name of Willa. I then wondered if it was a good idea to go see an artist alone. I just couldn’t think of anyone who would really want to attend. I debated for a while and finally gave in and purchased a ticket.

Week #4 Challenge (March 14th to 20th) – Part 2 : Attend a local show in the Market.

The show was held in the market at Zaphod’s Beeblebrox and it said the doors opened at 8pm. I had no idea what time the music would start so decided I would get there a bit passed 8pm. I arrive at the pub and that’s when I started second guessing myself: What is this place? Why is there nobody here? Should I just leave? Texting my sister and asking her why I thought this was a good idea!

I made my way to the empty bar and asked what time the show would start. The bartender said at 10pm but that a local artist would be performing at 9pm. I ordered a drink and I waited while mingling a bit with a few people who came in later. I was starting to think I was wasting my time when finally the music started… It was a very dark and calming style and I found a seat near the stage to listen. The artist Nine of nine was the first performer and I really enjoyed her music. Followed by Willa, a rising singer, who quite honestly blew me away.. She was nothing short from AMAZING! What started off as a very uncertain evening turned out really well! All this talent really revived my love of singing.. I actually wrote a song the next day 🙂



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