Week 5 – Lights, Camera, Action!

Hello again! Alright, so I am on the ball this week finally. This girl has been working all week and so it has been busy to say the least. This has really impacted my opportunity to try something new but I still came up with a new concept. Without further ado, here is what I was up to this week:

Week #5 Challenge (March 21st to 27th): Create and upload a video.

Now this may look like a cop out but it took a ridiculous amount of time. Countless hours of filming, loading new apps, editing and finally posting the final product on YouTube. Considering I had no idea what I was doing and I kept being interrupted by my pager (working on-call from home) I am pretty happy with the end product.

I hope you enjoy and look forward to next week’s adventure!

Bonus points for those who manage to count all my: umms!


Week 4 – Indulgence for the senses!

It’s official, the first month of my challenge is complete and this has been the most effective week so far. I got to try not one but two new activities. First off, I should mention that I work in an office which means I sit most of the day. This routine, in addition to daily workouts and a winter worth of shoveling, has led to a pretty tense back. What is a girl to do? That’s right, I am treating myself to a massage baby!

 Week #4 Challenge (March 14th to 20th) – Part 1 : Get a massage!


I considered Le Nordik spa located in Chelsey QC, however the appointment times available did not suit me and so I opted for a massage at an Orleans spa called: Ezcape Spa. To be honest, I am not sure how I feel about my experience. I opted for a full body massage and I recommend the 45 minute session if it is your first time. Even though most of your body gets exposed, I didn’t feel uncomfortable as the massage therapist was quite professional. The treatment was relaxing in a sense but it wasn’t soothing as the pressure was a bit hard to tolerate at times. I am very gentle myself and find my tolerance to pressure is minimal. I ended up getting bruises on my arm that resemble hickies.. Oh and get your mind out of the gutter, I can guarantee they are NOT hickies ha ha

Now for the best part, I discovered a jem. I conducted a bit of research in terms of local activities and found that a few live shows were taking place downtown Ottawa over the weekend. I listened to the soundtracks of each artist and found myself really intrigued with the artist by the name of Willa. I then wondered if it was a good idea to go see an artist alone. I just couldn’t think of anyone who would really want to attend. I debated for a while and finally gave in and purchased a ticket.

Week #4 Challenge (March 14th to 20th) – Part 2 : Attend a local show in the Market.

The show was held in the market at Zaphod’s Beeblebrox and it said the doors opened at 8pm. I had no idea what time the music would start so decided I would get there a bit passed 8pm. I arrive at the pub and that’s when I started second guessing myself: What is this place? Why is there nobody here? Should I just leave? Texting my sister and asking her why I thought this was a good idea!

I made my way to the empty bar and asked what time the show would start. The bartender said at 10pm but that a local artist would be performing at 9pm. I ordered a drink and I waited while mingling a bit with a few people who came in later. I was starting to think I was wasting my time when finally the music started… It was a very dark and calming style and I found a seat near the stage to listen. The artist Nine of nine was the first performer and I really enjoyed her music. Followed by Willa, a rising singer, who quite honestly blew me away.. She was nothing short from AMAZING! What started off as a very uncertain evening turned out really well! All this talent really revived my love of singing.. I actually wrote a song the next day 🙂


Week 3 – Taking the bull by the horns!

Figuring out what to try on this week wasn’t too challenging as I received an invitation from a friend to go out! A girls night so to speak. Where did we go you ask? A place I had heard of many times but had never visited: Crazy Horse Restaurant, Steakhouse and Saloon. I must disclose that I am not really a country girl. By that I don’t mean to say I don’t enjoy the countryside, quite to the contrary I would love to own and even live in a cottage by a lake, but rather that I am not a fan of the country lifestyle and music. Regardless, I had to try it.

Week #3 Challenge (March 7th to 13th): Attend and survive a night at Crazy Horse.

What did I think of this saloon? Well first off, it was pretty far in my opinion. I live in the East end so it took me a while to get there. It also meant no drinking, ok well maybe one little drink. I got there first and decided to go to the bar. It was nice as I got to drink my sparkling water while watching the Sens Game. I saw a girl sitting a few seats down and asked her if she was there alone. To my surprise, she said yes. It was interesting chatting with her as it made me feel that I too could do something like that. To be added to my list of future activities I suppose.

My girlfriends got there and we spent a while chatting and drinking which was nice. Once the band started people slowly made their way to the dance floor. It was so busy.. and it just got busier. Although I am positive many enjoy the vibe I have to admit that this type of “going out” is not for me. I like dancing, but not to country tunes. Also, I just felt like the crowd was either too young, too old or too creepy. I am happy I went but I don’t think it will become a staple location for me. To each their own I suppose…

IMPORTANT MENTION: the staff was beyond kind and accommodating. To the point where I didn’t get charged for my bottled water twice… I was really surprised and grateful.

Week 2 – Jump up up and away!

I don’t know about you but if there is one thing I can’t get enough of, it’s Laughter!!  It really seems to help us disconnect from the world and, in general, alleviates stress. If you are in need of a dose of it, to either boost your mood and/or simply have a good time, then I absolutely recommend attending a comedy club.

Week 1 challenge was successfully completed when I went to Absolute Comedy. My friend reserved our spots ahead of time, it is highly recommended since the shows do sell-out. I had a great experience there, the comedians were entertaining, the menu had a good selection of beverages and food and the atmosphere was casual which was nice. The best part of course being that I laughed until my cheeks hurt which is always a good thing! Overall I had a great experience and I honestly believe you will too.

Now, I do realise this post is overdue. I have yet to implement a steady blog writing routine but I will get there. Week two has already come and gone but it’s never to late to share accomplishments right?

Week #2 Challenge (February 31st to March 6th): Attend a Skyrobics class at Skyzone.

Person, Jumping, Silhouette, Evening

Do you like being active? More specifically, do you like jumping around? Well in that case, Skyzone is for you. This is a trampoline gym that offers all kinds of jumping classes. I purchased a 10 session Skyrobics class package and   was quite excited to try it. The only limits I noticed is that you must reserve your spot early in advance as they fill up really quickly unfortunately and also that you must buy their socks in order to access the trampolines. No Sky socks = no jumping. Not a big deal but it was not clear until I got there.

I attended my first class on Wednesday March 2nd and to be honest, I LOVED IT!! It was so much fun! An instructor guides you through the entire class by demonstrating different jump stunts. Although he is guiding the class, you can choose to go at the pace you are most comfortable. All participants have their own trampoline and at times you travel from one trampoline to another. It was challenging since the exercises work your legs quite a bit and really force you to maintain your balance. The music playing was excellent and really helped motivate you. I can’t wait for the next classes. You should join me 😉